We Have A Winner!

We received several essays for our first giveaway contest for a chance to win a 12 month subscription to the Red.Blk.Grl Box! This contest is sponsored by an anonymous donor who truly values reading and wanted to share the gift with a deserving young lady.

After much deliberation, and it was hard, we have decided, 13 year old Tayonna  is our winner! Her essay is below:


Dear 5 year old me,
     I want to let you know that it’s okay to be different. It’s okay to be yourself and that you’re perfect in every way body type, hair type, personality included. You don’t have to shape yourself to be perfect for anyone. I’m sorry that nobody had a talk with you about peer pressure and that you fallen a little short of what you started. But, don’t worry greatness is ahead of you. Don’t let people get you down even though it may seem like they make you happy at the time. People will talk about you try to bring you down lie to you and much more. But  don’t worry as long as you got your back you will be okay.
     Now as it is people will say you’re small for your age ,oh you’ll never grow but don’t give up on your  original dream. Now listen and listen closely . Don’t keep your feeling’s bottled up inside or you will always feel sad or angry . When  people give you big opportunities you better take them . If you think you have a big idea don’t be afraid to share them. Let your creativity shine and don’t ever compare yourself to anyone.Even if it may seem right to do at the time, also you must never wish bad on anyone only wish for the good in everyone. Make friends with people who accept you for who you are, not for who you pretend to be. When you’re close to your father at that age, keep it that way because it’s not the same now days. Also I want you to enjoy every chance you get to be young because at the age of 13 everything else you do will be considered childish or you will be playing to much.But before I go I want you to have a little fun you don’t always need to be so serious. Have a lot of fun because at some point of middle school/ high school there won’t be fun and you must be serious. If you want to make sure your heading in the right path in life. Express yourself any kind of way you feel like it. you don’t have to care who like it or not as  long as you like it that’s all that matters,
What moved me about Tayonna’s essay was the insight she provided about despite falling to peer pressure, there’s still so much greatness ahead. She encourages herself to enjoy life, and be true to herself rather than worry about what others think. I wish Tayonna could have sent my five year old self this letter!
We truly appreciate all the entries, and as a consolation prize, everyone else will be receiving a Red.Blk.Grl tote bag to carry their summer reads in!!!
If you didn’t enter this time around, no worries, there will be plenty of chances for awesome giveaways in the future! Just be sure you join our mailing list here.

3 thoughts on “We Have A Winner!

  1. Bernadette Bridges Reply

    Thank you for writing the poem we all had in our heads, but we were afraid to bring it to life. Your words give us hope, courage and New dreams! Thx, Ms.Bee Bee…even with my sixty years of life, you have encouraged me.💛

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