This past Tuesday we held our very first twitter, bookclub chat! I had planned for about 10 questions with a few extra to fill up an hour. However, I had not clue that an hour could go by pretty fast. Including myself, there were perhaps 4 participants, sporadically, but it was STILL a good discussion. Since we really didn’t get into the meat and potatoes of the book, and i’m not sure how you can via a tweet chat of only an hour, I’ve opted to share my questions here on the log in case you want to hold your own book club discussion on American Street. Or, perhaps, you need to write a book report on American Street and need help brain storming what to cover. It’s an unofficial reading guide of sorts. My gift to you because I love this book so much!

1. What three words would you use to best describe this AMERICAN STREET?
2. What was your initial reaction to the book? Did it hook you immediately, or take some time to get into?
3. What was your favorite quote/passage in AMERICAN STREET?
4. Which of the bees do you most relate too and why?
5. Chantal is the brains & gives up much for the sake of her sisters. Do you think this is something many young women do?
6. Donna is in an abusive relationship with Dray. Do you feel she had a choice in staying?
5. If you were in charge of casting the movie version of this book, who would you cast
as each character?
6. Voudou plays a huge role in this book. How do you think it affected the plot?
7. Why do you think @ibizoboi chose to incorporate Voudou?
8. Ultimately Kasim is the price Fabiola had to pay for mother’s freedom. How did you deal with that?
9. Did you see Dray’s reaction to Fabiola in the end coming?
10. If you had to choose one lesson that author Ibi Zoboi was trying to teach us with this story,
what would it be?
11. If you could write one more chapter after the ending, what would you write?
12. Did you pick out any themes throughout the book?
13. How credible/believable did you find the Fabiola to be? Did you feel like you got the ‘true’ story?

14. If Fabiola’s mother had initially made it through customs, how different would this story have been?

There is JUST SO MUCH to get into with this book and I’ve not even begun to scratch the surface with these questions! What were your favorite parts of the book?

Next month we’re discussing THE LEGACY by @necoleryse. Don’t have a copy? visit

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